Atkins Pension

This is a defined contribution arrangement (DC) which is operated via salary exchange as a default meaning we will pay your contributions and those paid by the company into your own pension account. These contributions are then invested in your chosen investment option.

This is a salary exchange arrangement and the company pays the full National Insurance savings it makes on your behalf into your pension account as an additional employer pension contribution, helping you to save more for your retirement. You can also pay additional contributions to top-up your account by logging in.

Our Trustee is responsible for this pension scheme, but the day-to-day administration is carried out by the pensions administration team at XPS Administration. If you have any questions about your membership, or would like to transfer former pension policies into the Plan, contact this team.

Log in for information on your current pension plan or contact the administration team on:

XPS Administration
Phone: 0118 313 0744