If you die whilst working for the company, we believe it’s important to make sure that your family are looked after by providing them with financial support.

You are automatically included in the core section of the scheme, subject to terms and conditions. The core payment is based on four times your basic salary at the date of your death. You may also receive enhanced benefits, depending on your contract and pensionable status.

The company also offers additional flexibility on this benefit, allowing you to increase the level of Life Assurance cover up to 10 times your basic salary and for some reduce this down to two times your basic salary, depending on which option is best suited to you.

If you receive benefits within the British Railways Pension Scheme or Local Government Pension Schemes, you will receive a lump sum rather than a core payment and full details will be outlined in your terms and conditions of employment. You have the opportunity to purchase additional life cover, but you cannot reduce this below your core level.

Important information

In 2018 new legislation (as set out under the Finance (No.2) Bill 2017) meant that the tax treatment of the group life assurance benefit provided to you by the company has been affected. The company currently operates two life assurance schemes; also referred to as the Registered Policy and the Excepted Policy.

If you receive benefits under the Excepted Policy, you can purchase additional life cover on a net pay deduction basis, but you cannot reduce your cover below your core level.

If you are an existing participant or thinking about joining the scheme it’s important you log in and read all the full details including the FAQs to make sure you make an informed decision during the annual enrolment window.

It’s important that you regularly update your 'expression of wish' form, so the Trustee of the scheme know who your chosen beneficiaries are.

Log in and download your form from your documents library now.

How do I apply?

You can only increase or decrease your level of life assurance during the annual enrolment window. Once the window has opened, log in and navigate to the 'Benefits tile'. From there you will find Life Assurance in the benefits list where you can amend your level of cover.