Flexible holiday

Tailor your holiday to suit your lifestyle using our flexible holiday scheme.

To enjoy this benefit, you must be a permanent or fixed term employee. On an annual basis you’ll be able to:

  • Buy up to 15 additional days holiday (pro rata for part time employees)
  • Sell up to five holiday days (pro rata for part time employees)

The cost of buying and selling holiday is calculated as:

Hourly rate x hours (to buy/to sell) requested / 12 monthly deductions

Any remaining holiday balance at the end of the holiday year will automatically be carried forward into the new holiday year (up to a maximum). This is pro-rated for part time employees.

How do I apply?

This benefit is only available during the annual enrolment window. Once the window has opened, log in and navigate to the Benefits tile. From there you will find Flexible Holiday Buy or Flexible Holiday Sell in the benefits list where you can select the number of days you would like to buy or sell.