Cycling is a great way to travel to and from work. It's quick, easy, convenient, great for the environment and great for you!

The cycle to work scheme lets you hire bikes and safety equipment free of income tax and National Insurance, allowing you to save up to 42%. Whilst the bike should be mainly used for your commute, a variety of bikes are available including mountain and leisure bikes.

Important information:

Should you already have a bike for work under the cycle scheme and wish to select another, in order for it to qualify as a bike for work you will need to prove that both bikes are used for your commute to work. Where this is not the case, the second bike will be treated as a taxable benefit.

At the end of the 12-month hire period, you may be able to buy your bike or equipment from us. If you leave the company before the end of the 12-month hire period, the remaining amount owed will need to be repaid and will normally be taken as a net deduction from your final salary payment.

How do I apply?

You can join the cycle to work scheme throughout the year. Simply log in, select the ‘Benefits’ tile, go to ‘Change my benefits’ and follow the instructions.

You can choose a bike and qualifying safety equipment of a value up to £2,500 (incl. VAT) per year and this will be taken out of your pay by salary exchange in 12 equal instalments. For example, if you choose the maximum voucher amount of £2,500 your salary will be reduced by £208.33 each month.

Contact details:

For members of the scheme, the provider contact details are:

0344 879 5101