Childcare vouchers

In 2018 the Government closed the childcare voucher scheme for new entrants. If you are not already receiving childcare vouchers, you are unable to start receiving these.

Instead of childcare vouchers you can join the Governments Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

For more information about Tax-Free Childcare, the Government has published a number of resources at

Employees who are currently in the company’s childcare voucher scheme, can continue to utilise this benefit, but it is important to understand which option is best for you and to remember that you cannot participate in the Government’s tax-free childcare scheme and receive childcare vouchers at the same time. Nor can you re-join the childcare voucher scheme again in the future once you have left.

For more details about the company’s childcare voucher scheme please see more information below.

The company's childcare voucher scheme helps you to make savings on your childcare expenses in a convenient and tax-efficient way.

You can choose to exchange part of your salary for childcare vouchers to pay for your childcare costs and you will not be taxed on a proportion of this amount, meaning it will cost you less and you can save on income tax and National Insurance contributions.

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for a range of registered or approved child carers, including registered nurseries, childminders, play schemes, after school clubs and crèches.

Basic rate tax payers will be able to save tax and National Insurance on £243 per month (£55 per week), higher rate tax payers on £124 per month (£28 per week) and additional rate tax payers on £110 per month (£25 per week).

How do I make changes to my monthly childcare vouchers?

You can make changes to your monthly childcare vouchers throughout the year. Simply log in, select the ‘Benefits’ tile, go to ‘Change my benefits’ and follow the instructions.

Contact details

For members of the scheme, the provider contact details are:

0844 800 1444